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A word to the parents

September 21, 2017

September 16, 2017.

Dear Parents,

The recent disturbing incidents in schools across the country have left one and all deeply troubled and worried. I am sure you as parents are as concerned as we are. At De Nobili we have always been extra cautious about the safety and security of our students. However, every time an untoward incident takes place anywhere in the country we take time to introspect and review our own safety measures.

A few measures we have already taken to ensure our students’ security are:

  1. There are CCTV Cameras installed in all strategic points in the school including at the entrance, near wash rooms and at all other strategic points.
  2. These are monitored regularly to ensure smooth functioning.
  3. Visitors to the school are strictly monitored. Only on getting a clearance from the Office is a stranger allowed into the school premises.
  4. The school gates are manned at all times by security guards.
  5. During the school’s assembly, dismissal and recess breaks, teachers are deployed at vantage points to monitor the students.
  6. Teachers are regularly counselled to look out for warning signs from students if they are being abused.
  7. Students are continually being made aware of ‘good touch and bad touch’.
  8. Apart from these there are many other measures in place to deal with issues such as bullying, corporal punishment, and other issues.

However, safety of our children is a joint concern, not just the school’s, the government’s or the parents’ alone. I request you to ensure that your children are empowered to deal with any situation. Please invest quality time in teaching them how to keep themselves safe. Take out time to build your own understanding of the various issues being faced by children today.

Here are some suggestions which will ensure your children are safe and protected at all times :

  1. Educate them about the safety rules concerning their body. Clearly tell them who they can trust and who they can share their concerns with.
  2. Be non judgemental when you deal with them so that they feel confident to share their fears/concerns with you.
  3. Do a thorough background check of the drivers who ferry your children to and from school.
  4. Teach them basic acts of self defence.
  5. Last but not the least, stay in continuous contact with their teachers. It is only when we all join hands together that we can ensure our children do not lose their childhood before they grow up.

May God keep our children safe and happy at all times.

Yours Sincerely,

Fr. Sebastian Puthenpura, SJ


De Nobili Schools